An unforgettable year: Winter |

An unforgettable year: Winter | 2023


Instead of going on a graduation trip with her friends, Mabel is forced to travel with her parents to a ski resort in Chile, only she didn't expect that this icy retreat could introduce her to a secret group of friends and perhaps a new love.


Director: Caroline Fioratti
Screenplay: Angela Hirata Fabri and Vince Marcello
Original Story: Paula Pimenta
Production Company: Panorâmica
Service: Parox
Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Executive Producer Chile: Sergio Gándara
Cinematographer: Hélcio Alemão Nagamine
Line producer: Irina Neves
Line producer Chile: Álvaro Cabello
Original music: Fábio Góes
Cast: Michel Joelsas - Catarina de Carvalho - Larissa Murai