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12th Grade - First season - 2014


The last year of school is a moment in life that marks us: expectations and dreams about the future, family pressures, leaving friends who have been with you for years, closing one stage of life and facing another. "4º Medio" follows a group of 8 classmates from a middle class school in Santiago de Chile. With a close, intimate, dynamic narration, the series reflects the conflicts of this age where the kids are pressured to make decisions that will mark them forever.


Executive Producers Parox: Leonora González J., Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer TVN: Mariana Hidalgo

Director: Katherina Harder

General Production: Pamela Mardones

Directors: Pablo Alonso, Carola Vega, Liss Orozco

Journalistic Edition: Carola Vega

Original Music: Cristobal Carvajal, Sebastián Aracena

Broadcasting Channel: Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, Chile)

Duration: 14 chapters x 50 minutes

Official Site: Link