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12th Grade - Second season - 2015


The last year of high school is a moment in life that marks us: expectations and dreams about the future, family pressures, leaving friends who have been with you for years, closing one stage of life and facing another. Unlike the first season, this series will portray a social stratum that has greater access to consumption, is more empowered in its civic role, has access to a better education and, therefore, has other aspirations. It will portray the problems faced by students and teachers in this social sector and will show how the future expectations, morals and dreams of wealthier families are manifested through the way they educate their children.


Director: Katherina Harder.

Producers: Leonora González J., Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer Parox: Fernanda Vega

TVN Executive Producer: Mariana Hidalgo

Original Music: Cristobal Carvajal, Sebastián Aracena

Broadcasting Channel: Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, Chile)

Duration: 14 chapters x 50 minutes

Official Site: Link