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Oddballs | 2016


Alicia is 16 years old and her environment is changing, after a life in Buenos Aires, now she must move to Valdivia. Her mother, who for years postponed her profession to raise her children, won a coveted research fund in her hometown. Alicia will realize that in a place where "nobody knows her" she has the opportunity to reinvent herself. The series seeks to portray the difficult path of recognizing herself, stumbling and making her way through life.


Producers: Leonora González, Sergio Gándara, Julieta Petriella, Melina Petriella

Executive Producer Chile: Alvaro Cabello

Executive Producer Argentina: Luis Sartor

Directors: Cristian Jiménez, Matías Bertilott

Cinematographers: Jorge Fernández, Andrés Jordán

Original Music: Eduardo Henríquez

Broadcasting Channel: TVN (Televisión Nacional de Chile)

Episodes: 12 chapters x 40 minutes

Official Site: Link