Boris & Dimitri Argonauts |

Boris & Dimitri Argonauts - 2005


Boris and Dimitri, two brave and intrepid aspiring Argonauts, decide to go into space to solve the enigma that is threatening the tranquility of their beloved country, Argonia. Their duty is to elucidate a fundamental truth: what came first, the chicken or the egg? The protagonists will be accompanied by Laika, a super computer, Pepe Potemkin, an adventurous investigative unit and Tomatosky, a tomato plant and Dimitri's best friend. Other characters will be Einstein, a mad scientist personified by Willie Benitez; Master Chantarra, a mechanic "chanta" of the Argos ship, personified by Leo Caprile; Renata Bravo, in the character of Miranda Zatana, a witch of dreams and Matias Vega as Florencio Naranjo, a fundamentalist in love with a lettuce. Together they will make children discover the universe in the mysterious Republic of Chile, the world capital of astronomy.


Original Program Idea: Leonora González - Renato Villegas

Based on a concept by: Renato Villegas

Executive Producer Parox: Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer CHV: Carina Puffe

Art Direction: Carlos Salinas

Screenplay: Enrique Videla, Viviana Burgos

Director of Photography: Ricardo de Angelis, Pablo Chuyin

Editing: Santiago González, Iván Osnovikoff, Carlos González

Original Music: Rodrigo Latorre

Music and lyrics: La Mano Ajena

Scenography: Rodrigo Iturra, Cristian Mayorga

Post-Production Image: Carlos González, Jaime Gándara, Javier Estévez

Graphics and Animation: Carlos Salinas, Leonardo Venegas, Rubén Aros

Principal Cast: Gustavo Becerra (Boris), Gonzalo Mora (Dimitri), Antonia Santa María (Laika), Luís Hernández (Potemkin), Pedro Vidal (Narrator)

Broadcasting Channel: Chilevisión (CHV, Chile)

Duration: 12 chapters x 25 minutes