Santa Fe Street

| 2007


October 5, 1974, in Santa Fe Street, in the suburbs of Santiago de Chile, Carmen Castillo is wounded and her companion Miguel Henriquez, head of the MIR, dies in combat. Calle Santa Fe is the journey that this woman undertakes through her history, through the history of the country and of the MIR. A painful but restorative search, traversed by the obsession of knowing whether or not the acts of resistance of her MIR comrades were worth it, whether or not Miguel's death made sense.


Length: 167 minutes

Registration format: BETACAM DIGITAL

Exhibition format: 35 mm, color

Produced by: Parox (Chile), Les Film D`Ici (France), Les Films de la Passarelle (Belgium).

Address: Carmen Castillo Echeverría

Producer: Sergio Gándara

Managing Producers: Serge Laliou, Sophie de Hijes (France), Christine Potreaux (Belgium)

Production Manager: Eduardo Lobos

Production Assistants: Pachi Bustos, Consuelo Castillo

Director of Photography: Ned Burgess, Sebastián Moreno, Arnaldo Rodríguez

Direct Sound: Jean Jaques Quinet, Boris Herrera

Editor: Eva Felgeles Almé