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National Song - 2005


There are songs that leave their mark. Songs that become classics of a culture. That is what the program Canción Nacional wanted to reflect during November 2005 and January 2006. The program wanted to reflect those songs of national authors and performers that everyone can hum. Hosted by singer Javiera Parra, the program delved into the history of the classics of Chilean Romantic, Tropical, Popular, Rock, Folklore and Cueca music. Each chapter showed the stories behind these songs that were relevant at different times in the history of the Chilean music scene. This seven-chapter documentary series featured the participation of more than 50 musicians of the stature of José Alfredo Fuentes, Luis Jara, Los Tres, Miriam Hernández and Palmenia Pizarro, among others. The project of Canal 13's Bicentennial Area and the production company La Familia, was directed by Carlos Moena and was well received by the public and its peers, being nominated for the Altazor award in 2006.


Series written and directed by Carlos Moena

Executive Production (La Familia): Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer (Canal 13): Alberto Gesswein

General Production: Paula Sáenz-Laguna

General Edition: Jorge Leiva

Journalistic Editing: Leonora González, Jorge Leiva, María José Pavlovic, José Elías

Musicology: Juan Pablo González R.

Camera: Pablo Valdés, Diego Pequeño, Pablo Letelier, Carlos Moena, Catalina Vergara

Direct Sound: Boris Herrera, Alexander Mederos, Juan Pablo Manríquez

Editing: Cristóbal Hurtado, Carlos Moena

Video postproduction: Daniel Dávila, Jaime Gándara

Audio Postproduction: Vanya Cosin

Broadcasting Channel: Canal 13 (C13, Chile)

Duration: 10 chapters x 60 minutes