The Circle

| 2008


A Tupamaro and a hostage of the military dictatorship in Uruguay for 13 years. He is currently a Swedish citizen and a physician internationally recognized for his research on Alzheimer. All those lives fit in the life of doctor Henry Engler. A scientist that now embarks on a journey to the past and to the delusional world of the prisoner and his strategies to resist the inhuman.


Uruguay, 2008, 92′, video

Directors: José Pedro Charlo, Aldo Garay

Producers: José Pedro Charlo, Yvonne Ruocco, Detlef Ziegert, Gonzalo Rodríguez Bubis, Pablo Salomón, Sergio Gándara

Production coordinator: Marina Zeising

Screenplay: José Pedro Charlo, Aldo Garay

Photography: Diego Varela

Editing: Fernando Larrosa

Music: Daniel Yafalián and José Pedro Charlo