The Echo Of Songs

| 2010


After the military coup in 1973, several Chileans were exiled for political reasons. Some looked for asylum in Rome, settled down and raised their families there, where their children, who only knew about Chile through pictures and stories, grew as Italians. In a blurred line between documentary and fiction, The Echo of Songs explores into the dreams and memories of those teenagers about exile and return, their wandering and perspectives in the current Chile.


Address: Antonia Rossi

Length: 71 min.

Format: HD

Production: Leonora Gonzalez

Script: Antonia Rossi / Roberto Contador

Voice: Angélica Riquelme

Editing: Antonia Rossi / Santiago González / Roberto Contador

Sound: Patricio Muñoz

Director of Photography: Antonia Rossi / Pedro Micelli

Original Music: Jorge Cortés / Francisco Flores / Roberto Contador

Additional Music: Jim O'rourke / Matt Elliott / Broken Social Scene / Black Ox Orkestar / Clara Rockmore