The Man of your Life |

The Man of Your Life - 2013


Hugo is a good, honest and hard-working man. He has raised only his son, the now teenager Franco. Out of work and struggling financially, Hugo agrees to collaborate in his cousin Gloria's crazy idea, an agency that promises to find "The love of your life" by taking advantage of the wide market in which dozens of women and men are looking for their perfect match.

Thus, Hugo will become a chameleon, a man who transforms his image and personality to be, at least for a few hours, the dream of the agency's clients. An ideal lover, until he reveals in front of them the defect that ends up alienating them definitively. This is how Gloria's plan works, the unscrupulous and funny promoter of everything. In spite of the security she transmits and although she seems to have the answer to everything, Gloria's great Achilles heel is precisely love: for years she has lived as the lover of a married man, who promises her that he will leave everything for her, but in reality he does not intend to fulfill it. Overwhelmed by guilt, Hugo will turn to Father Francisco, a priest who will become his confidant and spiritual support, who will also bring his keen sense of humor to the situations that the protagonist will experience.


Authors: Juan José Campanella, Marcela Guerty, María José Bello

Adaptation: Marcelo Castañón, Claudia Villarroel, Daniella Lillo

Production Parox: Leonora González Jelincic, Sergio Gándara

General Production C13: Caroline Muñoz

Executive Producer C13: Matías Ovalle

Director: León Errázuriz

General Manager Fiction Area C13: Alberto Gesswein

Original Music: Emilio Kauderer, Alejandro Kauderer

Director of Photography: Antonio Quercia

Mounting: Retina HD

Broadcasting Channel: Canal 13 (C13, Chile)

Duration: 26 chapters x 60 minutes

Official Site: Link