The Substitute Teacher - First season |

The Substitute Teacher - First season | 2012


Charlie is intelligent, attractive, charismatic, comes from the bottom but has reached the top in the world of finance. He has it all: women, prestige and money. However, he decides to carry out a risky financial operation that ends up destroying his promising career and sentences him to 3 months in prison. When he gets out of prison, a job as a substitute teacher in a public school abandoned to his fate will become the biggest challenge of his life. As a result, Charlie will not only discover that thanks to his unconventional ingenuity he could change the lives of a group of teenagers at social risk, but he will also find love in Ana, a simple and idealistic teacher. "The substitute Teacher" is a story of second chances and also a reflection of the dreams and limitations from the Chile we are building.


Directors: Nicolás Acuña and Cristián Jimenez

Executive Producer Parox: Leonora González Jelincic

Executive Producer TVN: Rony Goldschmied

Producer: Sergio Gándara

Screenplay: Enrique Videla, Pablo Paredes y Hernán Rodríguez

Director of Photography: Jorge Avalos

Art Director: Francisca Marshall

Sound: Roberto Espinoza

Editing: Javier Estévez, Alvaro Solar, Manuela Piña

Original Music: Cristóbal Carvajal

Cast: Iván Alvarez de Araya, Sebastián Ayala, Karla Melo, Blanca Lewin, Roberto Farías, Sergio Hernández

Broadcasting Channel: Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, Chile)

Episodes: 12 chapters x 50 minutes

Official Site: Link, Link (CNTV)