The Substitute Teacher - Second season |

The Substitute Teacher - Second season | 2013


Charly's dream of forming a cooperative and running the Príncipe Carlos school fails. Jorquera, who is still the owner of the school, sells it to the Los Cóndores Foundation, which will implement drastic changes in the education of the students. With disappointment, he realizes that the desire to build a school with a project that prioritizes quality education for its students suddenly vanishes. Charly requests to negotiate with the management his own permanence in the school, and soon realizes that the sale of the school hides a double intention. The hope of getting his children ahead becomes more and more distant. At times he will feel alone and devastated, however in Isabel, who arrives with the new administration, he will find a friend and an ally, she will be the person who will get to know and contain the children in a sort of "confessional" their most intimate revelations. In this quest to "get the kids ahead", Charly meets love. Lucia is an old schoolmate that fate brings together again. As a paramedic, Lucia has had to face the darkest side of the neighborhood where she works, however, the worst is yet to come, and she will have to face a painful and close reality that will put in checkmate the relationship of both.


Executive Producers Parox: Leonora González Jelincic, Sergio Gándara

Executive Producer TVN: Rony Goldschmied

Directors: Nicolás Acuña, Cristián Jiménez

Original Idea: Nimrod Amitai, Ignacio Arnold, Javier Bertossi

Chief of Scripts: Larissa Contreras

Screenplay: Enrique Videla, Paula Parra

Art Director: Francisca Marshall

Director of Photography: Arnaldo Rodriguez

Sound Design: Roberto Espinoza

Original Music: Cristobal Carvajal, Sebastián Aracena

Mounting: Retina HD

Broadcasting Channel: Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, Chile)

Duration: 12 chapters x 50 minutes

Official Site: Link, Link (CNTV)