In Therapy |

In Therapy | 2013


As if we were peeping through a keyhole into a psychoanalyst's office, "In Therapy" follows the development of five psychological treatments of nine sessions each. Thus, each episode consists of a continuous thirty-minute dialogue between the therapist and the patient. The story introduces us to Gabriel Montes, an attractive psychologist in his fifties, three different patients and a couple. Each day of the week is about a session with each one of them. On Friday, the last day of the week, the therapist has a session with his own psychologist.


Created by: Hagai Levi, Ori Sivan, Nir Bergman

Written by: Yael Hedaya

Parox Producers: Sergio Gándara, Leonora González Jelincic

3TV Executive Producer: Andrea Moletto

Director: Rodrigo Sepúlveda

Adapted by: Gonzalo Maza, Daniel Castro

Original Music: Cristobal Carvajal, Sebastián Aracena

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Ramírez

Mounting: Retina HD

Duration: 10 chapters x 30 minutes