Let's talk without tangles | Parox.cl

Let's talk about it without any tangles | 2021


We go to the salon to take care of our hair, which for many of us represents who we are or what we like to do, but the salon is more than that. It's where we feel in confidence and talk about things we don't share in other places. 

That's why, every week, two guests from different worlds will meet here to get to know each other, change their looks, exchange stories and talk about their most intimate experiences.


Director: Katherina Harder

Executive Producer Parox: Álvaro Cabello

Executive Producer Chilevisión: Gustavo Nobre

Head of Contents CHV: Raúl Pereira

Screenplay: Rubens Juarez

Director of photography: Natalia Medina,

Broadcasting Channel: Chilevisión

Duration: 12 x 30'