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Happy Together | 2015


A story of two people who overcame shame and fear of rejection, who overcame discrimination and pain to freely live their love. In 2013, Julio and Juan Pablo united their love in front of their family and friends in a symbolic ceremony and today they want to have a child. "Happy Together" introduces us to this couple and their love story. Together, with their family and friends, they will try to overcome the obstacles imposed by society.


Producers: Leonora González J., Sergio Gándara

Original Idea: Parox

Executive Producer Parox: Fernanda Vega

TVN Executive Producer: Mariana Hidalgo

Director: Felipe Arancibia

Original Music: Camilo Salinas

Broadcasting Channel: Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, Chile)

Episodes: 7 chapters x 50 minutes

Official Site: Link