The Cordillera |

The Cordillera | 2017


At a summit of Latin American presidents in Chile, where the region's geopolitical strategies and alliances are defined, Hernán Blanco, the Argentinean president, lives a political and family drama. He must deal with two situations that could change the course of his life in the public and private spheres: on the one hand, a complicated personal situation with his daughter, and on the other, the most important political decision of his career.


Production Companies: K&S Films, La Unión de los Ríos, MOD Producciones, Maneki Films.

Director: Santiago Mitre.

Screenplay: Santiago Mitre and Mariana Llinás.

Producers: Hugo Sigman, Matías Mosteirin, Agustina Llambi Campbell, Fernando Brom, Fernando Bovaira, Simón de Santiago, Didar Domerhi.

Executive Producers: Leticia Cristi, Micaela Buyé.

Co-producer: Axel Kuschevaztky.

Director of Photography: Javier Julia.

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Christian Slater, Dolores Fonzi, Eric Rivas, Elena Anaya, Gerardo Romano, Paulina García, Alfredo Castro.