The thousand days of Allende |

The thousand days of Allende | 2023


On September 11, while La Moneda is bombed, Allende orders Manuel Ruiz, his youngest advisor, to leave the government palace. He has to survive to tell the world about the social transformations that were attempted in Chile. Fifty years after the coup d'état, Ruiz, a Spanish lawyer, recounts those thousand days of a President who wanted to make a revolution respecting liberties and democracy, and who died tragically in the attempt.


Director: Nicolás Acuña

Created and Written by: Leonora González Jelincic

Production: Sergio Gándara Godoy

Executive Producers Parox: Sergio Gándara Godoy, Leonora González Jelincic, Aura Sinclair, Úrsula Budnik, Josefina Menjíbar

Head of scripts: Carla Stagno

Screenwriters: Carla Stagno, Cristián Jiménez, Paco Mateo, Pablo Manzi

Executive Producers: María Pía Hucke (TVN), Antonio Mansilla (Mediterráneo Media), Fernando Sokolowicz (Aleph Media), Analía Pérez (1010 Mente Colectiva), Juan Pablo Fredes (JPF), Gonzalo Bubis (HD Argentina), Marcos de Aguirre (Filmo Estudios)

Incidental Music: Camilo Salinas

Music supervision and production: Cristóbal Carvajal

Sound Design: Miguel Hormazábal

Art Director: Francisca Correa

Costume Design: Pilar Calderón

Look Design: Margarita Marchi

Casting Director: Roberto Matus

Director of Photography: Manuel García

Editing Director: Danielle Fillios