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The Prisoners | 2021


After the success of the album "Pateando Piedras" and on the verge of internationalization, Los Prisioneros face persecution from the military who sabotage their expansion. Without However, the main antagonists of the musicians will be their own conflicts and breakups. conflicts and breakdowns.

Internal and external pressures have the group on edge, the tensions between Gonzalez and Narea are barely contained by Tapia and manager Carlos González and Narea are barely contained by Tapia and manager Carlos Fonseca, who cannot believe that the group is on the verge of disintegration so close to ultimate success. success.

Finally, it will be a personal betrayal that will precipitate the break and mark forever the lives of the protagonists. the lives of the protagonists.




Directors: Carlos Moreno - Salvador Solar

Executive Producer Parox: Sergio Gándara - Leonora González Jelincic

Movistar Executive Producer: Joanna Lombardi

Screenplay: Enrique Videla, Luis Barrales, Dominga Sotomayor.

Editing director: Soledad Salfate

Music: Camilo Salinas - Pablo Ilabaca

Director of photography: Arnaldo Rodríguez

Art direction: Sebastián Muñoz

Platform: Movistar Play

Duration: 8 x 35'