Kill Everyone

| 2007


Julia Gudari investigates the kidnapping of someone that turns out to be a Chilean chemist looked for as a witness by the international justice. It appears that Uruguayan militaries protect Berríos. Julia fears her father, General Gudari, is involved, but evidences are scarce. In the midst of pressure and threats, Julia realizes that, if she wants to get to the truth, she will have to review her past to heal her wounds and overcome her fears.


Director: Esteban Schroeder.

Countries: Chile, Argentina, Germany and Uruguay.

Length: 97 min.

Genre: Political thriller.

Cast: Roxana Blanco, Walter Reyno, César Troncoso, Jorge Bolani, María Izquierdo, Patricio Contreras, Claudio Arredondo, Darío Grandinetti.

Screenplay: Pablo Vierci, Daniel Henríquez R. and Alejandra Marino.

Executive Producers: Esteban Schroeder, Sergio Gandara, Yvonne Ruocco, Pablo Salomón and Gonzalo Rodríguez Bubis.

Photography: Sergio Armstrong.