Papa Mono |

Papa Mono 2016


Francisca has just separated from her husband Rodrigo and is left alone at home with her son Nico, who comes up with the brilliant idea of calling his grandfather Caco to come home and help. Since the arrival of Caco, everything becomes a mess. With his extroverted way of being, he is not at all the right person to do housework, so his nonsense and jokes become the new tone of the house day by day.


Producers: Leonora González J., Sergio Gándara

Parox Executive Producer: Alvaro Cabello

Executive Producer C13: Matías Ovalle

Directors: Javier Estévez, Cristóbal Valderrama, Rodrigo Herrera.

Cinematographers: Jorge Fernández, Andrés Jordán

Original Music: Cristobal Carvajal

Broadcasting Channel: Canal 13 (C13, Chile)

Length: 19 chapters x 54 minutes

Official Site: Link