Somewhere in Heaven

| 2003


An autobiographic story that starts on September 11th, 1973 in Chile, when I was six years old. From that moment on, my life and my family’s changed for good. My mother and us were exiled to the ex GDR. My father, journalist Augusto Carmona, a MIR activist, stayed underground in Chile, until he was killed, in 1977. Starting with these two facts, the documentary reconstructs the story of those who stayed in Chile, fighting to overthrow the dictatorship, and of those of us who were exiled and suffered alienation. It’s a subjective outlook of history from a “family album”, my own story, that of my friends and parents. This documentary film was awarded with the First Award in the 7th International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago 2003.


Duration: 70 minutes

Shooting format: DV CAM - 16mm - Super 8

Display format: DV CAM

Produced by: Parox

Director: Alejandra Carmona

Executive Producer: Sergio Gándara

General Producer: Eduardo Lobos

Camera and Photo: Pedro Micheli

Direct Sound: Boris Herrera

Editing: Carola Quevedo