The power of word

| 2009


Hardy Vallejos earns his living selling all kinds of cheap things in the midst of the yellow chaos of buses in Santiago de Chile, in 2005. After the government announces the intention to prohibit this activity in order to transform the city’s image, Hardy and his colleagues organize the biggest active union of Santiago. More than two thousand workers will unite to keep their place in the new transportation system and will soon realize that the only way to make themselves be heard is by adding to their trade the tools of modernity: wear a uniform, create a corporate image and learn how to sell their union demands in a moving and convincing way. A unique story of collective professional consciousness rising and, at the same time, a full-of-humour portrait of the Chilean city and its citizens.


Director: Francisco Hervé

Executive Producer: Francisco Hervé - Sergio Gándara

Producer: Francisco Hervé

Screenplay: Pablo Leighton - Sebastián Brahm - Francisco Hervé

Production Manager: María Paz González

Production Coordination: Flor Rubina - Eduardo Lobos

Sales: Flor Rubina

Assistant Director: María Paz González

Image or Camera: David Bravo - Sebastián Moreno - Pablo Insunza - María Paz González - Francisco Hervé

Direct Sound: Juan Pablo Manríquez

Music: Fernando Milagros

Editor: Sebastián Brahm - Francisco Hervé

Research: Loreto Contreras - María Paz González

Image Postproduction: David Bravo

Postproduction Sound: Roberto Espinoza

Graphic Design and Credits: Fluor Film

Financing: CORFO Fund, Fondo de Fomento Audiovisual, Panchito Films.