Malandria |

Malandria 2013


Cata is a 14-year-old girl, lover of mathematics and very smart. So smart, that thinking faster than the rest and not having filter when it comes to giving her opinion has brought her more than one problem in life. Not to appear impertinent, Cata creates a profile on social media with her alter ego: the super popular and extroverted Malandria. On the network, Malandria has many friends and is very admired. However, that is not enough for Cata. She dreams of finding her better half and decides to do it through her alter ego Malandria. Together, with her cyber friends and the Internet, Malandria will begin the search for the boy of her dreams. It will not be an easy task since Cata is very demanding with herself and others. Chapter by chapter, Malandria will try to find love and will test her candidates through riddles and mathematical problems that will prove empirically who is the right guy for her.


Director: José Luis Guridi

Script: Daniel Castro

Executive Producers: Leonora González, Sergio Gándara

Original Idea: Sergio Gándara

Director of Photography: Piola Avalos

Original Music: Angela Acuña

Editing: Santiago González Jelincic

Cast: Constanza Montenegro, Elisa Vallejos, Malcolm Leiva, Karina Santoro, Lía González, Diego Carrasco, Jorge Jofré

Broadcasting Channel: NovaSur

Duration: 9 chapters x 7 minutes

Official Site: Link