Lives at Risk |

Lives at Risk | 2016


Each episode deals with a different medical emergency and the plot is centered around it. The episode begins with the dramatic and physical urgency of the arrival of the life-threatening patient to the emergency room, where they are attended by Dr. Ayala and Dr. Martinez, who will do their best to save the lives of their patients and, together with their families, find the reason of their arrival in this life-threatening situation.


Producers: Leonora González Jelincic, Sergio Gándara

Parox Executive Producer: Alvaro Cabello

Executive Producer CHV: Rodrigo Díaz, Mitzy Saldivia

Directors: Victor Vidangossy, Peter Mcphee

Cinematographers: Diego Lazo, Manuel Garcia

Broadcasting Channel: Chilevisión (CHV)

Episodes: 60 chapters x 28 minutes

Official Site: Link