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Back to Me 2008


We all have a weakness, we all have a pain, we all have something from our past to hide, we all have a wound to heal. In a therapeutic center for the rehabilitation of addicts, surrounded by a bucolic environment and isolated from the world, the characters of "Volver a Mi" will have the opportunity to face their demons and to rebuild their lives.

Julia Lafuente (Catalina Saavedra): a famous comic actress who depends on drugs to be able to act and, in this way, anesthetize old pains that torment her.
Vladimir Toledo (Alejandro Trejo): a university professor who teaches literature classes to make ends meet and whose discontent has led him to consume amphetamines, but his love for his daughter will make him join the community and fight for his detoxification.
Felipe Cardelli (Alejandro Goic): a mysterious man who hides a past and resorts to alcohol as a way to silence his guilt, and it is under these conditions that he arrives at the community, because his constant scandals threaten the secret that protects his accomplices, who decide to commit him.
María Lara López (Macarena Teke): daughter of a well-known and influential senator (Maricarmen Arrigorriaga), at 22 years of age she feels betrayed by her father and abandoned by her mother, reasons that lead her to consume cocaine paste provided by her dealer and friend Ronny (Luis Lobos Robles), and to wander the streets, and it is in the community where a light of hope opens up for her.


Altazor Award 2011: Best Actor (Alejandro Goic).

Altazor Awards 2011: Best Direction in Dramatic Genre (Matías Stagnaro).
Altazor Awards 2011: Best Screenplay (Enrique Videla, María Izquierdo, Omar Saavedra and Vladimir Rivera)
Altazor Awards 2011: Best Actress (María Izquierdo)
Altazor 2011 Awards: Best Actress (Catalina Saavedra)

Cast: María Izquierdo, Catalina Saavedra, Esperanza Silva, Alejandro Trejo, Macarena Teke, Alejandro Goic, Luis Lobos Robles.

Broadcasting Channel: Canal 13 (C13, Chile)

Duration: 10 chapters x 50 minutes